Sample Marketing Plan for Massage Therapist Business

Today, I want to share a simple and effective sample marketing plan for a massage therapist business.  I had a potential client contact me today to hire me for my SEO and website building services.  She is a masseuse and she is trying to get more clients for her practice.  I figured if she needed more clients there are probably hundreds of other massage therapists that also need new clients.

Therefore, I drafted up this sample marketing plan for massage therapists to help any masseuse out.  Feel free to use this as a template for your own marketing plan in your business.

Marketing Plan, Jim’s Masseuse Business

Vision Statement: My vision is to attract 120 clients per month for my business (6 clients per day, Monday through Friday).  Of those 120 clients, I would like 40 to be new clients and 80 to be repeat customers.  I charge $60 per hour, so 120 clients would be $7200 in revenue.

Scope of Marketing Plan: My marketing plan will utilize newspaper advertising, direct mail, fliers, and social media.  All of my advertising will be designed to get people to visit my website or to call my pre-recorded message and set up an appointment.  To attract new customers, I will offer a buy one hour, get one hour free special.  This incentivize my new clients to do business with me.

Monthly Goals

Here’s what I need to do each month to accomplish my goals and objectives.

  • Send out 500 postcards to people who live within 5 miles of my practice.
  • Post 20 messages to my Facebook fan Page
  • Hand out 500 fliers that promote my buy one get one special
  • Exchange 50 business cards with people I meet in day-to-day life
  • Get 8 new testimonials from happy customers
  • Publish 4 posts on my blog
  • Publish a newspaper ad once a week (every Wednesday) promoting my buy one, get one special
  • Send an email newsletter to all current/former customers to keep in touch(see a sample newsletter we use)

Weekly Tasks

If I break down my monthly goals into weekly tasks, this is what I need to do each week.

  • Mail 125 postcards per week
  • Post five messages on Facebook Fan Page
  • Hand out 125 fliers
  • Exchange 12 business cards
  • Collect two new testimonials
  • Publish newspaper ad on every Wednesday
  • Publish one post on my blog

Daily Tasks

This is what I must do each day (assuming Monday thru Friday work schedule).

  • Mail 25 postcards
  • Post 1 message on Facebook Fan Page
  • Hand out 25 fliers
  • Exchange 2-3 business cards
  • Collect a testimonial every other or every third day
  • Write you blog post on designated day of the week

Marketing Budget

To accomplish my goals for my massage therapist business, here is my budget:

  • 500 postcards including postage, printing and lead source (approximately $220)
  • 500 Fliers ($40)
  • Newspaper Ad $800 per month or $200 per week
  • Business Cards ($10)
  • Posting messages on Facebook, on blog and collecting testimonials are free to do.
  • Virtual Assistant to help with Facebook, handing our fliers and mailing postcards ($100)
  • Total projected monthly marketing costs ($1170, round to $1200 to be safe)

Expected Return on Investment

  • 40 new customers at $60 per hour is $2400, minus the $1200 marketing expenses equals a $1,200 net profit, just on new customers
  • Assuming 40% of your new customers become monthly repeat customers, that would put an extra $960 profit (16 x $60) in your pocket every following month.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  This is a sample marketing plan for a massage therapist business.  Feel free to print this out and use this as a template for your own marketing plan.  It’s also important to know that you can use this sample marketing plan for any type of business.  I hope that helps.  What are your thoughts?

61 thoughts on “Sample Marketing Plan for Massage Therapist Business

  1. Laura T

    Thanks Charles. This is the first time I have seen an example of a marketing plan, and it lets me know that I never truly had a clear marketing plan for my business. I can see the real value of having a business coach, that can really help you to outline all of your marketing needs for the goals that you want to achieve.

  2. Giovanni Valentino

    This is a great plan. And as well suited as it is to the massage therapist business, I can see where I could easily tailor it to almost any other business venture. The only thing I am wondering about is where do I get the names and addresses to send these 500 Post cards?

    1. charlesholmes Post author


      If you plan on doing any type of postcard marketing campaign, the best thing to do is buy a list from a qualified list broker. You can use InfoUSA or any other company. Just do a quick internet search for list broker. Once you find three to five choices call them up and see what they can offer you, and for how much. Also, do a little research about each leads company to see how long they have been in business and what type of reviews they have written about them online.


  3. Robert

    Great marketing plan, Chuck. I own a landscaping business, but I’m going to follow this same marketing plan for my business. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  4. Roxanne

    Absolutely amazing, Chuck. This massage therapist marketing plan is brilliant. Anyone could implement these steps. Not only are they affordable, but they look really easy to do. I’m going to follow this plan for 90 days and see what type of results I will get.


  5. Amber

    Simply fantastic. When I was studying to become a masseuse, no one ever taught me anything about marketing. Having a quick class or course in marketing definitely would have helped me out. Thanks for filling that void, Chuck.

  6. Amalee

    What a great marketing plan, Chuck. I’ve been in business for eight years and made a nice living simply through word of mouth advertising. I’m going to try out some of these techniques and see what type of results I can get in my business. Thanks.


  7. Diana

    I am a massage therapist and I can tell you that this is the most simple and easy to use marketing plan that I have ever seen, Chuck. I’m going to start following this plan in my practice. Thank you so much.


  8. Lorraine

    I am about 3/4 of the way through masseuse school right now. I haven’t had any courses on how to get customers or market my business, once I have my own practice. I’m definitely going to print this out and use it as the first draft for my marketing plan. Thank you, Chuck.


  9. Steve

    Absolutely fantastic marketing plan here Chuck. One of my peers told me about this at our local Chamber of Commerce meeting. He gave me the link to this page. This is so incredible and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing.


      1. NatsaiHasely

        Charles thank you that sounds realy encouraging, I am a practicing masseuse for about 5yrs now have tried a few of those things but not in that way I love my trade passionately but it’s been hard I think I am gonna try and do it in that planned and consistent way For abt 6 consecutive months and see hw that goes. thanks truely.

  10. Ronnie

    The most effective marketing strategy I’ve found so far is making an advertisement for a coupon with a buy one get one free. Someone buys an hour and can bring their spouse in to get a free hour long massage. I lose money on the front end, but a lot of these folks become repeat customers.

  11. Sally

    Great marketing plan you share with us, Chuck. I’m going to use it as a template and make some minor adjustments. I think this is a great starting point.

  12. Donald

    Great massage therapist plan. My brother has his own massage business and I am going to forward this page to him so he can get some marketing ideas.

  13. Derek

    I am a massage therapist in California. I really love your marketing plan, Chuck. I plan on using this plan for my business. I might make a few small changes, but nothing major.


  14. Burt

    Great marketing plan here, Chuck. I have my own masseuse business and here’s what I do for marketing.

    1. Facebook Sponsored Ads
    2. Coupons for my past customers
    3. A couple YT videos
    4. Newspaper ads and direct mail

    I mix things up but try to spend about 50% of my budget on previous and current customers and the other 50% on getting new customers.

  15. Ty Ross

    These are some very good tips, Chuck. My brother went to massage school, but has no idea how to begin generating business for himself. I’m going to pass this along, I know it will be a big help. The plan you described can be translated to other business as well. You are your business, so you have to treat every person you come in contact with as a potential customer.

  16. Beverly

    In calculating the cost of this marketing plan, one must consider the cost of the free massage. Calculate Return on Investment on 40 new clients @ per hour ( per hour with one massage is free) for a total of 00, minus marketing costs of 00. Therefore, monthly ROI=zero or less when you include hours spent.

  17. Faye

    This is really great advice for any small business. I appreciate that your advice is always very clear and very specific. I am not a masseuse, but I do have my own small business, and I will be able to transfer these lessons to my own life experiences. Thank you so much!


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