Top 20 Website Niches to Make Money Online

This article discusses my top 20 website niches to make money online. If you’re thinking about starting a website of your own, I think that’s a great idea. The Internet has created plenty of opportunities to build an online income. The secret to success to making money online is to pick a  medium to high demand, yet low competition niche, and then dominate that niche. In other words, you need a find a decent sized, in demand niche, and become the “big dog” in that niche.

There are literally thousands of sub-niches that aren’t very competitive and offer plenty of opportunity to make a good income online with your own niche website. Your key to success is to pick a small sub-niche within a big niche.   What I want to do below is share my top 20 website niches, listed in no particular order.  I will provide a few examples of sub-niches within each niche.

1) Sex – This might just be the most popular subject here on planet earth.  Potential ideas for a niche website might include “how to get more sex” or “how to have better sex” or “how to pick up girls” or “safe sex.”  The sky really is the limit.  Just make sure you really target this one to something narrow and specific, or you will have a hard time getting noticed.

2) Religion – I’ve been told that 4 out of every 5 people are religious, to some degree.  That means there is a MASS appeal for religion oriented sites.  Some example sub-niches might be “how to change religions” or “marriages with people from different religions” or “how to convert to a certain religion” or “how to raise a religious family.”  I’d bet there are several hundred sub-niches within this niche if you took the time to brainstorm and research.

3) Health – Everyone wants to be healthy and most people are not healthy.  Some example sub-niches might be “natural health” or “health for people over age 60″ or “health for African Americans” or “health tips.”  This is another big niche with lots of sub-niches.

make money in any niche4) Physical Fitness – Here are some example sub-niches within the physical fitness niche: “military physical fitness” or “physical fitness for kids with special needs” or “physical fitness for busy people.”

5) Weight Loss – Some examples include “natural weight loss” or “holistic weight loss” or a comparison site of different weight loss programs.

6) Small Business – This is a really big and competitive niche, but there are many opportunities for a niche website on something really targeted.  Some examples might include “challenges for small business owners” or “reasons businesses fail” or “interviews with small business owners.”

7) Online Marketing – Most businesses want to know how to promote their business online so some good sub-niches might include “secret online marketing strategies” or “low cost online marketing strategies” or “how to pick the best online marketing strategy.”

8) Make Money Online – Everyone and their brother wants to make money online.  You could talk about “challenges of making money online” or “best ways to make money online” or “non-conventional ways to make money online” or “interviews with people who make money online.”

9) Blogging – Blogging is extremely popular. You could choose a website niche such as “how to start a blog” or “how to monetize a blog” or “how to market a blog” or “how to set up a blog” or “how to do SEO with your blog.”

10) Relationships – Most people want to improve their relationships with other people.  Here are some sample website niches within the relationship world: “how to make new friends” or “how to fix troubled relationships” or “how to survive long distance relationships.”

11) Real Estate – This one is a big daddy.  I think the best sub-niches for a website would be “real estate in a specific town” or “real estate trends” or “buying and selling antique houses” or “how to make money in real estate.”

12) Investing – Once again, most people want to learn more about investing so they can plan for their retirement.  Some example sub-niche investing ideas might be “how to invest in your 20’s” or “mistakes of new investors” or “how to find a good investor to work with” or “non-conventional investing ideas.”

13) Planning for Retirement – This is another great niche with BIG potential.  Some ideas include “planning for retirement in your 60s” or “places to live in retirement” or “friendly retirement cities” or “creative ways to live cheap in your retirement.”

14) Picking a College – A big percentage of high school grads go to college, and many of them have no idea about how to do it.  A few good sub-niches include “how to pick a college you can afford” or “how to find a good out of state college” or “best colleges for musicians.”  Any of those niches would work.

15) Book Reviews – Amazon is the big daddy of book reviews, but I know you could do well with a niche website such as “business book reviews” or “erotica book reviews” or “antique book reviews” or you could do a site with nothing but video reviews of books.

16) Video Sharing – YouTube is very popular.  You could do a niche website such as “how to make money on YouTube” or “making money with online videos” or “how to edit online videos.”

17) Family Life – Once again, everyone I know has a family.  If you know anything about starting a family, keeping a family together during tough time, having a long-distance family, or any other sub-niche, that would make a great niche website.

18) Money – Who doesn’t want more money?  If you know a thing or two about saving money, making more money, investing money, or any other sub-niche within the “big money” niche, there is plenty of opportunity.  This niche is pretty competitive, but if you can get noticed, you will do well.

19) Divorce – From what I’ve read online, nearly 1 in every 2 marriages fail, and second marriages fail at an even higher rate.  People search the internet every day for terms like “how to get divorced” or “how to survive a divorce” or “how to find a divorce lawyer.”  Any of these sub-niches could be turned into a profitable and popular niche website.

20) Happiness – Many people search to find happiness their entire life.  If you are a happy person, or know a thing or two about happiness, this would make a wonderful niche to pursue.

niche marketing secretsOnce again, these are only my personal recommendations. Within each one of these ideas, there are hundreds of smaller niches. I think it’s important to pick a small, specific niche because there is less competition.

For instance, if you pick weight-loss, you will find that there are LOTS of people with websites around that theme.  In fact, there are millions of different weight loss blogs and websites. That means your odds of dominating that niche and becoming a leading website in that arena is practically impossible. But, if you pick a smaller niche within the weight loss category, such as “natural weight loss, herbal weight loss, or weight loss surgery” you will do much better.

I hope this makes sense to you. Thanks for reading my top 20 website niches. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  Please leave comment to tell us what niche you specialize in, or what niche you think presents the best opportunity to make money online!

52 thoughts on “Top 20 Website Niches to Make Money Online

  1. Zach

    I simply made a website about my hometown where I live. I review businesses, talk about scenic attractions, food reviews and more. I then sell advertising to local businesses. It’s worked pretty well for me.

    1. charlesholmes Post author

      That is a great strategy, Zach. There is plenty of opportunity for just about anyone to do this. And if you live in a big city you can choose food, motels, entertainment or dating topics for your hometown.

    2. Brie

      I really like this idea about creating a site about your hometown. I just moved to a new area. Since I don’t know much. I take every opportunity I can to explore. Since the area is fairly new this could be a great niche market because lots of people are moving here into brand new communities that are just being built. I could even create videos about businesses in the area. Love it!

  2. Vanessa

    There are many ways and many niches to make money online. The best thing to do is pick a niche that you have experience in and understand. Start with prior jobs, hobbies, places you live and things you like doing. All of us have knowledge about something that we could turn into a profitable online business.


    1. charlesholmes Post author

      That is definitely a good starting point, Vanessa. I think it’s much wiser to do that than to get involved with one of the overly competitive niches. Stick to what you know and like and you will be okay.

  3. Jared

    These are all great niches. My favorite niche is weight loss. There are so many opportunities in that niche.

  4. Ashley

    You can’t go wrong with any of the niches you mentioned, Chuck, but I think you can make money in just about any niche you want. Ideally, you want a hungry, and targeted group of people that want certain information and are willing to spend money for it. I suggest you start with a niche you are familiar with and go from there.

  5. Daryl

    These are all good niches, Chuck. You could argue that any niche is good if you have some knowledge about it.

  6. Jenny

    You want a niche where:

    1. People are already buying things
    2. People have the money to buy the things you are selling

    That leaves you lots of options, but I always lean toward niches with a huge market base, even if they are already competitive.

  7. Fred

    These are all great niches, Chuck, but at the end of the day you can make money (or lose money) with any niche. I believe it’s really important to find a niche that you know a lot about and are passionate about. Do that and the money will follow.

    1. charlesholmes Post author

      Very true, Fred. I’ve always believed it’s best to pick a niche that you understand and know a lot about so you can relate to them and know what their challenges are. This makes it a lot easier to sell them things.

  8. Joan

    I have a friend who has a rescued dog site. He is very passionate about rescuing abandoned and abused dogs. He has turned his passion into online profits, by creating an authority site in that niche. It took him a few years to get it up and running, but it provides his full time income. Best of all, he makes money doing something he absolutely loves.

  9. Denny

    Another great niche is finding employment. With so many people out of work, you could create a great website about how to find the job of your dreams.

  10. Jenny

    Sex is a good niche. So is dating. So are simple living, getting out of debt and buying your first house.

    1. Brie

      Getting out of debt would be a great niche market. Lots of people need that information. You could even teach people about how to fix their credit by contacting the credit companies. Most people don’t know that modifications can be made to their credit report. Become an authority and you could make money by helping people in this area.

  11. Brock

    I like the health, lose weight and wellness niches. Most people want to lose weight and improve their health, so this niche presents a huge opportunity.

  12. Chris

    I think the weight loss niche is a safe and profitable niche. There are always millions of people trying to lose weight and get back in shape. This presents plenty of opportunity to make money.

    1. charlesholmes Post author

      Weight loss is a good niche. But is very competitive. It’s better to pick a very small sub-niche within the weight loss niche, if you want to make good money and carve out your own small niche.

  13. Rod

    I think these are good niches.

    1. Weightlifting
    2. Weight loss
    3. Dating
    4. Sex
    5. Relationships.

    What do you think?

  14. Joel

    I like the weight loss, beauty and health niches because there is such a big target market to choose from. Most people are concerned about at least one of those three things so there is plenty of opportunity to make money.

  15. Dee Foster

    These niche topics are spot on… One thing I have found in the last several years on being online is that you don’t have to be afraid of the super competitive niches anyone… As a matter of fact, you want to jump into the highly competitive ones, simply because of the sheer volume of long tail traffic you will start to gain over time.. don’t worry about ranking for the competitive keywords just soak up the long tail love and you will even start to rank for some of the competitive words in those niches as well.

  16. Earnestine

    These are really some great niches. The key to success is to find a niche with a need and fill it. There are literally millions of ideas to choose from.

  17. Diamond Grant

    I initially laughed when I saw sex as number 1, but honestly that makes sense. Sex is such a major market though it may be taboo. I saw blogging on the list too which excited me since I am a blogger. I find blogging to be one of the easiest niches because if you’re passionate about what you blog about, it’s not at all like work.

    1. Greg Boudonck

      Unlike what Diamond said here, I didn’t laugh, I actually was saddened by the fact that sex is such a top rated niche. We wonder why so many children are being molested and rapes are being committed, but when we search the internet, we find sex everywhere.

      Personally, I respect my online reputation and sex will not be an online niche I will go after. As others have stated here, all are great. The key is having great content and an eye appealing website. If you consistently update your content, you will attract new visitors and will keep the old visitors coming back.

      I am a firm believer in changing color schemes and pictures and such on websites every so often to give the look and feel of a whole new website.

      Change can be good!

      1. charlesholmes Post author

        You definitely need to pick a niche that matches your values and beliefs. I personally wouldn’t go after the sex niche either, but it is a big and profitable niche.

  18. Brie

    I also think that some other niche markets might be:
    1. Real estate – saving your home from foreclosure
    2. Parenting – single parenting, parenting for each sex, working parents
    3. Finding money for college
    I think it’s a good idea to discuss things that you are familiar with or have good access to information about. That can really assist you in being a superstar in that market.

  19. Greg Boudonck

    I wanted to mention another niche topic that you didn’t mention that is huge on the internet. The conspiracy niche. A person can develop a conspiracy over many political and religious news. It seems people are quite drawn to conspiracies, the crazier the better. I was recently visiting my home State of Missouri. On my way to the airport in St Louis, we passed Cuba, Missouri. There was a blizzard going on so I came up with an idea. With a little filming, I titled the Youtube video Breaking News: Blizzard in Cuba. It received some good laughs and with the right techniques, could have gone viral.

  20. Oliver

    Great list Charles, like everyone else has said there’s no point going into these niches if you don’t have an interest in the topic or some sort of experience/knowledge, there are already 1000’s people chasing these niches so if you don’t have the desire to compete than there is no point. I would disagree with your statement that blogging is “very profitable”, it has the potential to be very profitable and is low cost to set up although very time consuming, the problem is that the majority of people do not actually make much of an income from blogging, mainly because they give up too early on, or don’t put enough effort in.

    1. charlesholmes Post author

      I guess everything has the potential to be very profitable, yet few people succeed in any endeavor. However, once you get a blog established, assuming you stick with it, it can be very profitable.

      People quit every business venture imaginable, because it is hard to build a profitable business of any kind.

  21. Faye

    This is a great list, Chuck. I am with the rest of your commentators in saying that no matter how popular the subject matter may be, you need to either be an expert in your topic, or be willing to do a lot of research and fact-checking. Most readers can spot a fraud. A catchy website title or the appropriate keywords may lure a reader and potential customer in, but if your page doesn’t make it sound like you know what you are talking about, that reader will bounce right back out.


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